Attention: The Volteco plant closed, no product sales. The project is acquired by a Thai company, all sales are made under the brand Voltus.

Voltus is a well-known manufacturer of electrical vehicles. The company’s plants are located in different parts of the world, what makes Voltus a true multinational company.

The company’s headquarter is located in Singapore. The Voltus Singapore is an engineering centre, which uses the latest technological innovations in designing and production of electric transport. Voltus places its orders for accessories and body parts only in the most modern production facilities – this allows the prices to be kept low, whilst retaining consistently high quality. A wide range of models and high consumer properties of our product are qualities, which distinguish our company on the market.

The vehicles of the Voltus brand differ from the other electric car brands through the original design, ergonomics and its recognisable appearance.

Due to the knowledge-intensity and the latest technological innovations used in the designing of all our model series it is possible to ensure an uninterrupted operation of vehicles, even in the most severe conditions, regardless of the climate zone and surface topography.

The use of modern energy and resource saving technologies, increased comfort, constant updating and modification of the model range allow our products to meet the customers’ real needs. Due to unique style, excellent quality, perfect service, we have been approved by clients and market to the maximum extent.

“We focus on delivering results” is our main slogan to promote the Voltus products. It demonstrates the manufacturer’s clear focus on the real needs of a consumer. Additionally, we offer continuous advice and service not only throughout the delivery of the product but we will remain as a source of support during entire life cycle of our vehicles.